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Step 1: In Home Consultation

The first step to any project is brainstorming and putting the vision on paper. The best way to get an idea for your project is to meet in your home to discuss your goals, vision and ideas for your specific project. We will take measurements, your timeline, your priorities and take pictures.

Step 2: Design and planning

Our team will work together to provide conceptual designs/layouts so that you can see your vision begin to take shape. During this time, we will be in contact with you to help you pick a selection of materials. We will create a general description of the scope of work to determine the estimate and finalize the budget.

Step 3: Estimate and Scope of Work

A detailed estimate based on the design plans and material selections of your project will be emailed for review. You will receive the overall cost of the project, fully detailed scope of work and cost by detail. This helps us minimize the need for change orders during the project.

Step 4: Finalize Contract - Project Agreement

We will review the final plans and detailed scope of work as well as material selections with you. We will prepare a timeline for us from start to completion including a schedule of scope of work. Once you have reviewed and agreed upon all the details, we will approve and finalize the project agreement.

Step 5: Project Start Meeting

The first day of the project meeting will be scheduled to go over the details of the project. You will meet with the contractor as well as project manager who will be available for the day to day activities of the project.

Step 6: Production Phase

During this phase all demolition, new construction and installation will take place. We will work to ensure that the work is being completed to the project scope timeline, quality of the craftsmanship and worksite conditions are to your satisfaction. We will be in contact with you to make sure that all your questions and ideas are answered. If any changes occur or additional work is required, we will prepare and present you with solutions.

Step 7: Post Completion Walkthrough

We will meet with you to walk through the project, determine punch list items that need to be addressed and discuss the final schedule for completion. We understand the importance of working in your home, so we will treat your home as if it were our own!